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The following post is a guest post from Dutch geocacher Ingeborg, of Team Bever.vw. Thank you, Ingeborg! -thomfre

First time i met Geocache team Tomfre, Heltinnen and friends was on 25-09-2015 in Rotterdam.    The hold there Meet and Greet event: Meet the Norwegians on road trip in Rotterdam, during there journey in The Netherlands and before the go to the Mega event in Eindhoven. Together with Heltinnen i talk a mix of English and Norwegian and it doesn`t feel as the first meeting between each other. Because the are only one day in Rotterdam i invite them to come with me to cache Norwegian Church (GC49V4N), The only wooden church in The Netherlands. It was really nice.  After we visited the church and the found the cache we say goodbye and hope that we see each other back again during another geocaching activity.



In June this year i go to the Mega Gluck Auf event (GC55555) in Essen, Germany. A geocaching event by World Heritage Zollverein. With thousands of crazy geocaching people i had te little hope that i meet my Norwegian friends again.
And yes on Saturday 11th June we seen each other back on the main stage of the event. We talk further where we finished last time, all about geocaching, discovering Trackables and make some photo`s ass a good memory.


Glück Auf

Back in Holland i keep in contact with this friendly Norwegian people, visiting their page, and chatting.

The makes beautiful journey`s with geocaching. The invited me to come to Norway and find some geocaches together, and I hope that we can do that in the future.

Best regards,
Team Bever.vw
The Netherlands

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