thomfre & Heltinnen Geocoin

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This is our very own geocoin, designed and produced in July/August 2016.

Our own logo on the front
The back shows a world map, with a red stone where we live. The text “Traveling the world, one cache at a time” is our new slogan.

This coin is not for sale, but we might trade for other personal geocoins.

All our coins are activated, and registered on us. They shall not be sold. You may keep it if you find one in a cache. If we give one to you, or trade with you, you may do whatever you want with it – as long as you don’t sell it.


Produced by: DirectMint
Quantity: 100 / 10
Delivered: August 26th 2016
Plating: Antique Silver / Antique Copper
Size: 55x35mm
Icon: Icon 32px    Icon 16px

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