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The Visit Utah GeoTour is probably one of the best geotours in the world. It takes you around the entire state of Utah, rewarding you with amazing places, amazing caches and a lot of fun.

Awesome GeoTour prizes

The Utah GeoTour does have some pretty awesome prizes, as long as you remember to take notes of the codes in the containers (usually inside the lid). You can get a free GeoTour passport from the Salt Lake City visitor center, or by requesting one. If you want to request any of the prizes, you will also need to take a picture of you near each of the caches.

After finding three caches in a county, you can request a patch (they are really cool!). After 10 patches, you can request a geocoin (they are awesome, too!). And after you’ve found at least three caches in each of the 29 counties, you can request the official Utah GeoTour jacket.

Awesome containers

Almost all of the containers are ammo cans, plenty of room for both swag and travel bugs. Many of them are hand painted, with motives related to the place they are hidden. True works of art!

Awesome stamps

Many of the containers have stamps, hand carved. Just as the containers, the stamps are also true works of art. Make sure to bring your stamp book. If you don’t have a stamp book, get one before you start doing these caches! You won’t regret it. And while you’re at it, make sure to stamp your plan as well 😉

Awesome views

Utah is full of epic places and jaw-dropping vistas. Bring your camera, and make sure to spend enough time to enjoy the scenery along the road.

Get up before the muggles!

Getting up early, before everyone else, and before the sun, is very rewarding. Hiking to Delicate Arch for sunrise, or Mesa Arch for sunrise (see photo above), is an experience for life! It is so worth the hike!

Awesome people

If you get the chance to attend a local event while in Utah, do it! The people are really friendly, and you won’t regret it.

Plan your trip on

Use to plan your GeoTour trip. You can use our trip template to get started.

Buy the park passes

Buy the park passes, both the Utah Sate Parks Annual Pass and the America the Beautiful Interagency Annual Pass. After you’ve bought them – use them! Visit as many parks as you can.

Get off the interstate

You won’t see much of Utah from the interstate. If you really want to experience the state (and find the GeoTour caches), you have to get on the smaller roads. Specially the scenic byways, like Scenic Byway 12 (see trip template below). You will not regret it!

Virtual caches everywhere

Utah is full of virtual caches, and you can find many just by finding what’s near the GeoTour caches. Yet another great reason to visit Utah, like you needed another one…

Visit the Mighty Five

Make sure to visit the Mighty Five National Parks of Utah: Zion, Bryce, Capitol Reef, Canyonlands and Arches.

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