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…or is it really?

What about…

What about fuel costs, toll charges and visits to the auto shop due to too much driving on roads that probably aren’t really roads?

What about the costs of cache boxes, swag, geocoins and other things like that?

What about the costs of all the equipment you suddenly need?

What about the costs of shoes, clothes and other gear you wear out a lot faster than before?


What about tickets, rentals hotels etc. you just have to book so you can get those five new countries?

Okay, maybe it isn’t so free.

…but it can be!

The basic core is still free. And geocaching is still cheap, compared to a lot of other things. If you only find caches in places you would travel to anyway, it won’t cost you much extra.

Most of us will from time to time go on vacations, and then you’ll end up with some of the costs above anyway. And you can add geocaching to it, without any extra cost.

Ordinary tourists will see a lot of extra costs for all their activities… Laying on the beach all day doesn’t count, that just makes you lazy 😉

Geo tourists

We have spent our last vacations in a rental (or our own car), hunting caches. And we’ve had a lot of fun doing that.

This easter, we’re going on a different type of vacation. The type we used to go on BC (Before Caching). Without car, acting more as regular tourists. So we have checked a lot of ordinary touristy things. And things like that isn’t cheap! Almost everything cost money, and some things cost a lot.

So geocachers can save a lot of money compared to ordinary tourists. If they want to.

But more important than that, is all the non-tourist places we get to see. And the lack of other tourists in those places. That’s priceless!

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