Happy Canada Day!

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Today is the 150th anniversary of Canada, and they are not celebrating alone! The entire geocaching world is celebrating together with them, and Signal himself is visiting Canada.

Based on previous souvenir related events, I would guess that there are hundreds of events around the world this weekend. In Norway alone, the number of events are 21 today and 13 tomorrow. Some of the events have nothing to do at all with Canada Day, but everyone get a souvenir for attending anyway. And that is probably going to increase the attendance level today.

We celebrated locally as well

When you are about to celebrate a country’s sesquicentennial anniversary, you have to do it in style 😉 So I spent a few minutes on eBay, so I could attend in the propper attire.

femme Q did a wonderful job of creating an awesome brunch-event. And it was a pleasant experience, with both food and some sunshine at the end. A great way to celebrate!

And just as it should be on a geocaching event, we got to listen to a lot of funny stories from various caching trips.

We got a souvenir!

Unfortunately, Heltinnen had to work today. So she couldn’t attend the eveent. But Signal brought more than just one souvenir today. Canada got its own brand new country souvenir! And since we’ve found caches in Canada, both of us got this souvenir today.

Souvenir by: Geocaching HQ

And everyone that attended an event today (or tomorrow), got this nice Canada Day souvenir.

Souvenir by: Geocaching HQ


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