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thomfre and Heltinnen

We’re two geocachers from Karmøy, a big island situated on the south western coast of Norway.

We have geocached together since we registered the first user, thomfre, on geocaching.com January 3rd 2012.

How did we start?

When thomfre read about geocaching in some online news article, and noticed that caches could be used to trade things, he got some ideas. He used to collect promotional pens, and thought caches could be used to trade pens. After googling a bit, he found two Norwegian caches made to trade pens (we’ve found one of them) – we just had to dig further into this!

Shortly after, he had created a user on geocaching.com, paid for premium membership, paid for the app (we didn’t buy a GPSr until three days later) and ordered stickers and stuff to place a cache of our own (yes, before we even found the first one). The guidelines were read from start to end, and the help center turned inside out.

Later that day, we found our three first caches, and about a week later we placed our two first own caches.

Our first find was Bjørgene 1 # 34,  and our two first own was Storasund and Krosshaug.

Geocaching quickly became an important part of who we are, and now we can’t imagine a world without!

Heltinnen created her own user during the event Vikingevent 2012, on Karmøy. But she didn’t start logging her finds until October 2016.

Involvement in organizations, groups and services

thomfre is active in many different ways, and has been involved in several geocaching organizations.

He participated in the founding of the regional organization, Geocaching Haugalandet, where he was the leader of the board since it was founded in 2012 until 2017.

He also participated in the founding of the regional organization, Ælvecacherne. And was the leader of the board for the Norwegian national organization, Geocaching i Norge, from the summer 2014 to the summer 2018.

He’s also one of the administrators of the largest Norwegian geocaching group on Facebook,  Geocaching Norge.

thomfre was also a part of the editorial staff of the Scandinavian geocaching magazine, Nullpunktet, until its end in 2017.

thomfre & Heltinnen are the people behind the Norwegian geocaching trip planning tool, cachetur.no.

Our caching life

Together we travel a lot, both domestic and abroad. Geocaching is a great way to explore the world! When travelling we like to host Meet’n Greet events – come meet us at our next event!

We write about our trips on this blog, and on our Facebook page.

We’re also active cache owners, and sometimes we get quite wacky ideas… Find our caches and judge yourself.

If you’ve found one of our caches, and there’s something wrong with it, or you want it removed please contact us.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need hints or have any other questions about our caches! 🙂

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